Can you drive with a slow puncture?

Friday 13th October 2023

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What is a slow puncture? 

A slow puncture is a tiny hole in a vehicle’s tyre, causing air to escape gradually over an extended period of time. Unlike sudden punctures, which make themselves known almost immediately, a slow puncture will cause a steady loss of air pressure – regardless of whether the vehicle is parked, or you are driving. Both types of puncture can happen without the driver’s knowledge. However, with slow punctures, it can take days for deflation of the tyre to become obvious. 

What causes a slow puncture? 

A slow puncture can happen due to many reasons, though there are two common culprits. A sharp object such as a nail or screw can become embedded in the tread of the tyre, causing air to escape. 

Another regular cause is a faulty valve stem. This is a small rubber extension through which air is added to the tyre when changing the pressure. When the valve becomes damaged, it can lead to a slow air leakage.  

Signs of a slow puncture 

Some of the signs to look out for if you have a slow puncture include: 

Can I drive with a slow puncture?

While it’s illegal to drive with a flat tyre, you can technically drive with a slow puncture - as long as your tyres are at a legal tyre pressure according to the highway code 

It is not recommended to drive with a slow puncture. A tyre that is gradually losing air could start leaking air more rapidly at any given moment, causing it to affect the vehicles stability, handling and braking performance. By continuing to drive with a slow puncture, you could also cause additional problems to your tyre or vehicle – making it more costly to fix. 

When you have a slow puncture, it’s a good idea to get your tyre checked out before it turns into something worse. Here at Formula One Autocentres, we offer a puncture repair service at your local garage. Simply contact our expert team today 

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