Do electric cars need an MOT

Friday 26th January 2024

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Switching to an electric vehicle can feel like you’re driving a completely different beast compared to a traditional petrol or diesel car. So, you might wonder if all the same rules apply to your new car. In this guide, we’ll explain if EVs need an MOT and what’s different for EV motorists.

Do electric cars need an MOT?

In short, yes. Electric cars do need an MOT. However, if your electric car is brand new, you won’t legally require an MOT test until your vehicle is 3 years old. Also, it’s important to remember electric car MOTs are slightly different than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

What’s the difference between an Electric Vehicle MOT vs a Petrol MOT

The main difference between an Electric Vehicle MOT and a Petrol or Diesel MOT is the components they test. For a Petrol or Diesel vehicle, your engine and exhaust system will need to be tested, whereas an Electric Vehicle does not have an engine or exhaust, so testing it is unnecessary. An EV’s battery is integral to its whole power system, so it needs to be tested as part of the MOT.

Preparing for your EV MOT

Preparing for your MOT is important, regardless of whether it’s an EV or a combustion engine. Some of the ways you can prepare for your Electric car MOT include;

  • Check your charging equipment – check your charging cable and connectors for wear and tear. If your charging cable or connector is damaged it may need replacing or repairing before your MOT.
  • Check your battery health – as an EV owner, you should keep track of your EV’s range noting any significant decreases in your battery's range or charging time. If you have any issues contact your nearest Formula One Autocentres.
  • Tyres – check your tyre tread depth and pressure to ensure they’re roadworthy. You should also carry out a visual check for any lumps, bumps, cracks or bulges as this can indicate that your tyres need replacing.
  • Lights – you should check your lights are clear and working properly, your vehicle reg plate is checked during your MOT although it’s easily overlooked. All lights need to be checked including your headlights, sidelights, indicators, fog lights and brake lights.
  • Windscreen – check your windscreen wipers for tears or cracked rubber, or any indicator that they’ll be unable to clear your view.
  • Seatbelts – if your seatbelt won't click into the seatbelt holder, it’s an immediate failure. Check your seatbelts are in good working order at both the front and rear of your car.

Book your EV MOT

MOT due? Here at Formula One Autocentres, we offer MOT tests for both hybrid and electric vehicles. Book now and save when you book together with a service today.

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