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Thursday 17th March 2022

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With fuel prices on the rise and an ever-increasing consciousness of the environment, maximising fuel economy is incredibly important. By using our fuel saver service, you can not only save money but also reduce your carbon footprint, too.

What is fuel economy?

Fuel economy refers to the distance a vehicle can travel on a given volume of fuel – if your car is efficient, you will be able to maximise your fuel economy and spend less money on fuel overall. There are many ways you can improve fuel economy, including:

  • Regularly checking your tyre pressure
  • Reducing your speed
  • Trying not to overload your car
  • Regular servicing

You can read more top tips for improving your fuel economy in our helpful guide.

What is our fuel saver service?

Our fuel saver service is a cleaning additive for your engine – this cleaning agent ensures that every drop of fuel in your engine burns more efficiently. This solution restores your engine’s condition, improves both exhaust emissions and fuel consumption, as well as reducing your overall costs.

Car engines naturally suffer from build-up of carbon over time – by removing this excess product, the environment also benefits from less emissions being emitted into the atmosphere.

Why do I need a fuel system cleaner?

Improving your engine isn’t the only benefit of fuel system cleaners. In-fact, they come with a whole host of other advantages, too:

Benefits for petrol engines

  •  Prevents fuel system corrosion
  • Improves combustion
  •  Cleans dirty carburettors, clogged injectors, and valves
  • Eliminates rough idling and engine hesitation
  •  Reduces emissions of hazardous exhaust gasses
  •  Reduces maintenance costs

Benefits for diesel engines·       

  • Improves combustion
  •  The cetane rating measures the quality of diesel – our fuel-saver service increases cetane number and restores performance
  •  Reduction in maintenance costs
  •  Prevents fuel system corrosion
  •  Eliminates rough idling and engine hesitation
  •  Cleans the entire fuel system including injectors

Fuel system cleaners aren’t just for old cars – fuel build-up can start within one month of a car’s life. This is why you should consider it for your new car too, this can be an effective way to boost the longevity of your car’s lifespan and prevent engine issues over time. You can book our fuel-saver service as part of any of our servicing packages.

Find out more about our fuel-saver service as well as our other car servicing deals today. For more information, contact our helpful team today!

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We simply WON’T be beaten on price! Check out our Price Promise

We simply WON’T be beaten on price!

Check out our Price Promise

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