How to change a tyre

Tuesday 30th July 2019

Knowing how to change a car tyre is a valuable life skill. And whether it’s a tyre blow out, a flat tyre or slow puncture, having tyre difficulty while you’re on the road can be stressful. Learn how to change a tyre from our 5 easy steps today.

Changing a car tyre

What you’ll need:

  • Locking wheel nut key
  • Car handbook
  • Jack
  • Spanner
  • Spare tyre
  • Gloves

Extra things you could need include a torch if its dark, a small plank of wood to act as a flat surface to steady the jack, and a tyre pressure gauge to check the pressure after you’ve fitted the new tyre. It may also be beneficial to have a warning triangle that you could use to alert other drivers of your presence and to indicate that you’ve broken down.

How to change a car tyre

Whether you’re just about to get into your vehicle and you’ve noticed a flat tyre, or your tyre has popped while driving, being armed with the knowledge of how to change a tyre can be helpful in your time of need. Read our 5 easy steps to changing a tyre now:

1.       Preparation

Before you start changing your car’s tyre, it’s important to stay safe. Ensure your car is parked up in a safe space, your hazard lights are switched on and your handbrake is up. If you have one, place the warning triangle 50m behind the car if possible. Get everybody out of the vehicle and remove any heavy luggage or luggage that is obstructing access to the spare wheel.

Note: If your tyre has popped while you’re on the motorway, move to the hard shoulder but do not attempt to change the tyre on the hard shoulder. You should call and wait for assistance, and your vehicle will be moved to a safer place to change the tyre.

2.       Getting started

Ensure the spare tyre is inflated, the tyre jack and spanner are in good condition to use, and you have your vehicle handbook to hand for detailed instructions.

Remove the plastic wheel trim by prising it off. Loosen the nuts on the wheel you’re changing by using the spanner in an anti-clockwise direction and free the wheel locking nut by utilising the locking wheel nut key.

3.       Using the jack

Now it’s time to jack up the vehicle. Your vehicle handbook should indicate the best lifting point for your car, so ensure you consult this first before attempting to lift the vehicle. Using a small plank of wood under the jack should help to keep it stable.

Once the body is raised so that the wheel you’re changing is now off the ground, unscrew the wheel nuts in diagonal pairs and remove. Place these in a safe place so you don’t lose them, and remove the wheel. Be mindful this will be heavy, and probably dirty.

Top Tip: Use the spare wheel to act as a safety cushion if your car slips by pushing it under the body of the car.

4.       Fitting the spare wheel

When you fit the spare wheel, ensure this is the right way around. Slide the wheel into the hub bolts, or in line with the wheel nut slots. Reattach the wheel nuts and turn until they are finger tight. Be careful to not climb under the vehicle while it is jacked up – this is extremely dangerous, as the car could still slip while jacked up.

5.       Lowering the vehicle

Lower the car using the jack until the replaced tyre just touches the surface. To ensure the nuts and bolts are secured, tighten the wheel nuts using the spanner. Continue to lower your vehicle and remove the jack.

You have successfully changed your tyre. If you have a tyre pressure gauge, you can now assess whether the tyre pressure is correct in your tyre. If so, you should now be fit to drive again on the road.

Car tyre replacement

Once you’ve averted the crisis of changing your flat tyre, it’s important to ensure your spare tyre is the correct choice for your vehicle. Usually, spare tyres are space-saver tyres which are only used in an emergency – therefore, it could be beneficial to take your punctured tyre to your local Formula One Autocentres.

We will inform you if your tyre can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced. Find a range of tyres to buy online to replace your punctured tyre today.

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