How to jump start a car

Wednesday 24th November 2021

It always seems like a flat battery happens at the worst of times, which is why knowing how to safely jump start is essential. By referring to our simple guide, you can save a lot of time and stress for your future self. 

What you will need

  • A pair of jump leads
  • A second car with a charged battery

How to jump start a car

  1. Parallel park both cars: both of your vehicles need to be parked adjacently to each other, to allow for the jump leads to reach both cars.
  2. Connect the red lead: you will need to attach the red lead to the positive terminal on the charged car – the ‘+’ sign on the battery. You then need to attach the opposite end of the lead to the same terminal on the flat battery car.
  3. Connect the black lead: for the black lead, you will need to attach one end to the negative terminal. For the flat car, you mustn’t add the black lead to the negative terminal - instead, you must place it on the earthing point. This will most likely be an unpainted piece of metal that is distanced away from the battery and fuel system. However, if you are unsure where the earthing the point on your car, you can also refer to the manufacturer's guide.
  4. Start the working car: firstly, you won’t want to start the engine for at least 5 minutes, only after this you can start the charged car and let it run for 1 minute. 
    Start the flat car: after the working car has finished running for 1 minute, you can then start your car. You then should keep both cars running for approximately 10 minutes.

How to remove jump leads

  • First switch off the engines in both cars
  • Remove the black jump lead from the earthing point
  • Remove the second end of the black lead from the negative terminal
  • Disconnect the red jump lead from the working cars positive terminal
  • Finally, remove the red lead from the flat car's positive terminal
  • Restart the car: After this process, you should be good to go.

How to start car without jump leads

Sometimes when jump leads aren’t available, you may need to restart your car by pushing. This process is a bit more manual than the other, however, it will still get you out of a sticky situation!

  • Find willing volunteers: as you can imagine, your car is a rather heavy object. Therefore, you will need at least 2-3 volunteers to push the car whilst you start the engine.
  • Get the gears in order: then you will need to push down on the clutch and firmly hold. After this, you will want to put your car in second gear. Once you switch on the ignition, you can ask your volunteers to push your car.
  • Let the car go: once you have the car slowly moving, you can then release the clutch and the engine will start. Once the car starts, you can then let the engine run as it recharges.

If you are experiencing car battery problems persistently, then this could indicate a serious problem and you may want to look into getting your battery replaced. Here at F1 Autocentres, we specialise in battery checks and all car servicing. You can contact us to find out more or pop into a local centre near you

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