How to keep your car safe at home

Tuesday 16th June 2020

car security at home

In one of our recent articles, we explored some of the best car security tips – focussing on how secure your car really is, and top tips on making your car safer when you’re out and about. However, your car’s security isn’t just determined by how careful you are when you’re out and about – it’s not uncommon for burglaries of vehicles to occur from the safety of your own home. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top ways to ensure your car is as safe as it can be at home.

Top car security tips for vehicles at home

Whether you park your car on your drive, in front of your house or on a side road nearby, burglars can often find crafty ways to steal your vehicles from right under your nose. Follow these top tips on car security at home to prevent your car from being an easy target, while reducing the chances burglars would be able to steal your vehicle at all.

Steering wheel lock

Not only are these devices a visible deterrent, but they will also hold your steering wheel in place – requiring substantial time and effort to remove them if a burglary were to take place. In most instances, burglars will likely be relying on a stealthy getaway. So by attaching the steering wheel lock when you are no longer using the vehicle means the car will be protected , and burglars may even not attempt to steal the vehicle due to the time constraints of the wheel lock.

Turn wheels into the curb when parking

When you’re parking your car up for the night, it’s a wise idea to turn the car wheels into a curb (if you’re parking outside the front of your house) or towards another vehicle (if applicable, and if you’re parking your car on the drive). This means that if a break in does occur, substantial manoeuvring and straightening up will have to take place. This sort of time constraint would allow time for the crime to be reported to the police, and halt a potential quick getaway.

Window etching

Etching the windows of your vehicle is a top tip to keep your car safe at home. It involves inscribing the last seven digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN) onto your mirrors, windows or headlights. This means that, if your car is stolen, the VIN number will be used to locate its whereabouts, and even if the registration plate is removed and tried to be sold on, the etching will prove the car’s identity.

Hide your valuables

One from the car security rulebook 101, but keeping your valuables hidden and out of sight is extremely important. You may remember to do this when you’re out and about, but also keeping them hidden away while your car is parked at home as well is just as important. Pieces of expensive equipment, such as portable satnavs, should be kept in the glove compartment and out of sight of potential thieves. However, although they can be considered an expensive piece of equipment, dash cams can have the capability to record even when the engine is switched off – so, if left in the vehicle overnight, it may record the theft if it were to take place!


Investing in a home security system is also a great way of ensuring your vehicle is safe at home. This leaves you with evidence if burglars  attempt to break in or successfully steal your vehicle, which you will be able to provide to the police. If you also make it known to the burglars that they are being watched on CCTV by using a sign, it will likely deter them from attempting to steal the vehicle in the first place.

Now you know how to keep your car safe at home, it’s also important to keep your car maintenance up to date. Learn more about our MOTs and car services, as well as a wealth of other car care products from Formula One Autocentres. Find your nearest centre today.

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