How to repair alloy wheels at home

Friday 16th April 2021

Natural wear and tear to your alloy wheels is common – and can be caused by scuffs or light scratches, hitting the kerb, or going over potholes. That’s why it’s helpful to be clued up with some DIY know-how to allow you to repair your alloy wheel damage yourself, rather than having to take your vehicle into a professional.

Repairing scuffs, scratches and kerb damage on alloys

In order to repair various scuffs, scratches or kerb damage to your alloys, you can use some of the following methods at home:

  • Sandpaper – using sandpaper in the damaged area can help to alleviate some of the scuff and scratch marks. A top tip is to wrap your sandpaper around something that fits comfortably within your hand, and use this to apply pressure.
  • Spot putty – rub some spot putty – typically about the size of a pea – into the area which has received some damage, and leave it to set. When the putty is dry, you can then sandpaper the damaged area once more, which will allow the putty to appear level with the rest of the rim.
  • Paint thinner – alternatively, you can use paint thinner to clean the area surround the alloy wheel damage. By using a small brush, scrub the damaged areas.

Repairing corrosion on alloy wheels

There are also methods you can use to repair the corrosion on your alloy wheels. We advise you follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean your alloy wheels – firstly, it’s important to begin by cleaning your alloy wheels. Wash and polish them to remove dust and dirt, and then dry them off using a microfibre cloth.
  2. Polish pre cleaner – next, by using a polish pre cleaner, you can remove oxidation by focussing on the corroded areas. Spray this pre cleaner onto those areas, and about 10 minutes later once it’s set, you can then brush the corroded areas with a wheel brush.
  3. Sandpaper – your trusty sandpaper is required again! Next, you will be able to scrub the areas of tough corrosion with sandpaper – as they may require more force to be applied to them.
  4. Wax – applying wax for a finishing touch is a great way to protect your wheels from wearing down, and preventing any further oxidation.

Feel prepared to repair your alloy wheels corrosion at home? If you’d rather seek professional help, locate your nearest Formula One Autocentres and one of our specialists will be able to advise.  

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