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Wednesday 10th February 2021

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As the seasons change throughout the year, many drivers in the UK consider changing their seasonal tyres. But the big question is, how do you correctly store the tyres which you are not using? That’s where our tyre storage guide comes in – helping you understand tyre storage bags, how to store tyres long term and areas and environments to avoid storing your tyres.

How to store tyres safely

Step 1: Clean your tyres

Before you store your tyres away for the season, ensure they are cleaned properly. You can do this by using some detergent, water and a tyre brush – as this will help to remove road grime and brake dust. It’s also worth noting that tyres benefit more from not using any kind of dressing or gloss product – as tyre compounds are already formulated to resist ozone cracking. While you’re there, it might also be worth cleaning your wheels, too!

Step 2: Use tyre storage bags

Having made sure your tyres are totally dry beforehand, the next step is to find large, airtight plastic bags for each of your tyres. You can purchase specially made tyre storage bags, or you can use something you may have in the home already – such as leaf bags or garden bags.

Ensure that both the tyre and the bag are free of moisture, and then remove as much air as possible from the bag once the tyre is inside, and tape it shut. A top tip here to remove the air is to use your vacuum cleaner! Having an airtight tyre storage bag reduces evaporation of oils from the rubber compounds, and they help keep them free from grime and dust.

Step 3: Choose your location

The next step is to choose a location to store your tyres long term. Some things to consider include:

  • Avoiding the sun – UV rays and the heat from the sun can affect the rubber on your tyres.
  • Never store tyres outside – tyres should never be stored in open air, even if they are under a protective covering.
  • Cool, dry, and moderately ventilated – areas such as garages or climate-controlled spaces are ideal.
  • Avoid chemical exposure – avoid subjecting your tyres to Ozone, as this is especially damaging to tyres. It’s also important to avoid solvents, fuels and lubricants, too. Ensure your storage area contains none of these items.

Step 4. Choose how to store tyres

When you have your tyres bagged ready for storage, and you’ve chosen your location, you have three options for how to store car tyres:

  • Standing them upright
  • Hanging them on hooks
  • Stacking them on their sides

However, we recommend standing them upright – as this puts the least amount of strain on the tyres, unless the tyres are mounted on wheels, in which case, stacking would be preferable, or hanging on hooks or racks. If you do need to stack your tyres, ensure the stack is not too high.

Now you know how to store car tyres long term, find out more steps for tyre care from our guide. Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy seasonal tyres online, locate your nearest Formula One Autocentre to book in for your tyre fitting.

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