What should my tyre pressure be?

Wednesday 15th July 2020

tyre pressure monitoring systems

What is tyre pressure?

Tyre pressure is the volume measurement of air inside a tyre. Each tyre is manufactured with a recommended tyre pressure level – which is available to find in your vehicle handbook, or often on the inside of your driver’s car door. Tyre pressure is typically measured in PSI – pounds per square inch – but can also be known as BAR, which refers to 1 atmosphere of pressure.

Ensuring your tyres have the correct tyre pressure is vital for your car’s overall performance and safety. Tyres which are not set to the correct pressure can lead to problems, such as:

  • Underinflated tyres – this can affect the wear and tear of the outsides (shoulders) of your tyres, as the shoulders of the tyres would dip to meet the road.
  • Overinflated tyres – this can lead to uneven tyre wear in the middle section of your tyre. The contact between the tyre and the road in this instance would then be directed solely to the middle of the tyre, causing damage.

In most modern vehicles, tyre pressure is measured through a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – which indicates to the driver through the onboard computer  if the tyre pressure needs adjusting. Learn more about how Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems work from our detailed guide.

What pressure should my car tyres be?

Wondering what your tyre pressure should be? Our handy tyre pressure calculator can advise you of your manufacturer specifications in seconds. Simply enter in the make and model of your vehicle, alongside your tyre size, and your tyre pressure will be calculated.

Another way to find out what pressure your car tyres should be is from your vehicle handbook. This information will be listed in your manufacturer specifications. In some vehicles, tyre pressure recommendations are also printed on the inside of the driver’s car door.

Once you’ve discovered which tyre pressure is right for your tyres, you can use this information to put air into your car tyres, and pump your tyres up to the recommended pressure measurement. Unsure how to put air in your tyres? Our detailed guide has you covered.

For more information on tyre pressure, and the benefits of correctly inflated tyres, visit our dedicated tyre pressure section today. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our expert team for more information today.

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