Why you should upgrade your wiper blades

Monday 8th February 2021

Many drivers in the UK are not aware of the risks and dangers that having faulty wiper blades poses to their vehicle, and their safety. Typically, many people wait until an MOT or service to be told there is a problem with their windscreen wipers – however, this guide will inform you of why you should upgrade your wiper blades earlier.

Reasons to replace your windscreen wipers

Risk of MOT failure

A common cause for MOT failure is having faulty or ineffective wiper blades. Faulty wipers can cause an obstruction to the windscreen, meaning that visibility is compromised and distorted – which can lead to your vehicle failing its MOT. This could be something as simple as the rubber from the blades having worn down, leaving streaks or smears to your windscreen. However, replacing your wiper blades earlier can save you from failing your MOT test.

Risk of £1,000 fine

Similarly to the above, it is a legal requirement for drivers in the UK to ensure that their windscreen wipers and washers are kept in efficient working order. If they do not meet the minimum safety standards, you can be fined £100 on the spot – and this can increase up to £1,000 if the case goes to court.

Invalidates insurance

If your wipers are faulty, and you have been involved in an accident, your insurance will likely be invalidated. This is because it’s unlikely insurance companies will pay out if they find out your wipers are not working as effectively as they should be.

Distortion of view in poor weather conditions

Being able to clean your windscreen both quickly and effectively is essential to everyday driving. No matter the season, dirt, rain and other elements that would affect visibility can attach themselves to your windscreen – and without having effective wiper blades, you risk distorting your view during these weather conditions.

Slows your reaction time and increases stopping distance

As well as being an irritation, distorted visibility can make it harder for you to spot hazards in the road – which leads to an increase in drivers’ reaction times. This then, in turn, can add on several car lengths to drivers’ stopping distances – which can increase the risk of accidents. Learn more about stopping distances and breaking distances from our guide.

Save you money

Investing in new wiper blades early can save you money and inconvenience later down the line. As with many car components, if left untreated, wearing wiper blades can cause more issues for your vehicle – which is why it’s recommended to replace them before more damage is caused.

Windscreen wipers are inexpensive, and easy to buy from Formula One Autocentres. Get in touch with one of our experts now to find out more.

How can you tell if your wiper blades need replacing?

There are certain warning signs to watch out for which can indicate your wiper blades are on the way out. These can include:

  • Squeaking/screeching
  • Streaking/smearing
  • Skipping or missing areas of your windscreen
  • Visible wear or damage
  • Failure to clear windscreen

Find out more about how to know when your wiper blades need replacing from our helpful guide. Alternatively, make an appointment with your local Formula One Autocentre to have your windscreen wipers assessed or replaced today.

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