Why you should use your Air Conditioning in Winter

Friday 24th November 2023

For most modern cars, when you turn on the function that de-mists your windscreen, the air conditioning system automatically comes on as well. But why is this the case? Why should you use your air conditioning system in the winter? Learn all you need to know in our helpful guide.  

Why you should use your Air Conditioning in Winter

How to use your air conditioning in the winter 

There are many benefits of using your air conditioning in the winter, during colder months. This includes:  

Clearing your windscreen to save time

By using your heater and air conditioning together first thing in the morning, you will not only stay warm, but also de-mist your windscreen faster.  The hot air from the heater will dry the glass itself,  however the air will then cool down and condense on to the windscreen once again. That's where the air conditioning comes in. Turning on your air conditioning pumps dry air into the car, which helps with de-misting by drawing the water vapour away from the windows. 

If you find that your windscreen starts to get misty during your journey, we recommend having your air conditioning on periodically to help. 

Keeping the system flowing to save money 

Your air conditioning system is filled with moving parts, so leaving it unused for months is likely to cause problems. The cooling fluid is a combination of oil and a refrigerant, which if left to run through the system, will keep all parts well lubricated. 

Using the air conditioning also gets rid of moisture that can build up around the air vent ducts. If left alone, this can cause bacteria and mould to build up which can result in a bad odour. 

How to look after your car's air conditioning 

To keep your air conditioning running smoothly, we recommend recharging your system every two years. This is because as a loss of pressure will reduce efficiency, which makes the engine work harder and increases fuel consumption. Not only that, but when operating to its full potential, your air conditioning will demist your car windscreen faster. 

We recommend cleaning your air conditioning system, not only of dirt and debris, but of bacteria. Here at Formula One Autocentres, we offer a service that circulates a special cleaner throughout the system to remove bacteria and any unpleasant smells created by your air con, leaving your car interior fresh and clean. 

Air conditioning services at Formula One Autocentres

To ensure your air conditioning system is working efficiently,?book an air conditioning service online?or contact your?local Formula One Autocentres branch. Why not prepare your car for the winter months with our FREE 10-point winter safety check to ensure your vehicle is in good shape for the colder months. For more information, fill in our online customer service form here where our expert technicians will get in touch. 

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