7 easy tips to maintain a car’s value

Wednesday 19th May 2021

Looking for ways to preserve the value of your vehicle? Whether it’s simply cleaning your car regularly, having it frequently serviced or repairing the little scuffs and scrapes its encountered in its lifetime, the answer is simply to take care of it.

Like selling your home, you want to show off your vehicle in the best possible light and, in some cases, that means putting in a little work. So, swap your feather duster and lawn-mower for your hand-held vacuum and car cleaning products, and learn the best tips to maintain a car’s value.

How to add value to a car

1. Clean it

It’s surprising what a good old spring clean can do for a car’s aesthetics. A dirty car not only gives off an uncared-for look, but buyers will believe the value is lower than it is.

Cleaning always maintains the value of your car too, as it prevents rust from forming on the vehicle, removes debris, dirt, and dust, and is generally better for your car in the long run. Cleaning your car regularly is beneficial to maintaining the value, as well as providing a slick and polished aesthetic for your journeys.

Top tip: don’t forget to clean your tyres, too!

2. Repair dents, scrapes and scuffs

Wondering if you should repair your car before selling it? The short answer is yes – if you want to maintain the value of your car, it’s important to have those little scuffs and bumps fixed as soon as possible.

However, it’s worth weighing up the cost of fixing dents versus reselling – as, in some instances, it may work out to be more expensive to have your dent fixed in the long run. But in most cases, repairing your scrapes and scuffs is beneficial to maintaining the value of your vehicle.

3. Choose carefully where you park

Following on from the above point, scratches and scrapes are unfortunately often caused by parking in public places. If you’ve parked up too closely to someone else's vehicle, sometimes they may accidently bang your vehicle with the door of their vehicle – this can lead to a dent or a scratch. So, when you’re looking for a space to park in, be mindful that you choose less vulnerable spaces!

Also, when parking at home, keeping a car tucked away in a garage is advised, as this will protect it from the effects of the elements.

4. Organise paperwork

Ensure you keep all the paperwork that comes with your vehicle, as well as any paperwork you acquire over the period of time you own it. This would include your logbook, MOT and servicing certificates, invoices for any repair work or maintenance work conducted, and anything else you deem relevant to the value of the car.

5. Car servicing

By not having your car regularly serviced, you will significantly reduce the resale value. If small issues turn into major ones, this is likely to have an impact on the lifespan of your vehicle – then, in turn, affect the resale value.  

Servicing your car regularly not only improves the value, but it can also save you money in the long run. Learn more about the benefits of regular car servicing.

6. Spare key

It’s important to locate your spare key when it’s time for resale, as well as any additional elements that you may have removed, like the parcel shelf, for example. This could’ve been removed for ease, especially if you have pets and want to transform the boot into a dog cage – but all elements that came with the vehicle need to be replaced.

7. Keep the interior clean

 As well as looking after the exterior, it’s important to care for the interior, too:

  • Avoid eating in the vehicle, especially particularly ‘crumbly’ foods
  • Regularly shake out the mats
  • Remove any rubbish you accumulate
  • Use seat covers for children or dogs
  • Hand-vacuum your seats and floors
  • Wipe the dashboard down regularly

How do you find the value of your car?

There are several ways that you can find out the value of your vehicle, including:

  • Online – there are various free car valuation sites which require you to enter your license plate to receive a quote.
  • At your local dealership – having a visual valuation is the recommended method, as this will be able to provide you with an accurate resale quote. Although online websites will be able to provide you with a ball-park figure, this won’t account for any bumps, dents, scratches, scrapes or issues with the vehicle, which professionals will be able to easily determine.

Ready to book in for your car service to maintain the value of your car? Get in touch with our experts for more information, and find your local Formula One Autocentres now.

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