Why should I service my car?

Wednesday 20th November 2019

where can i service my car

As we all know, MOTs are a legal requirement for your vehicle. But the story is not the same for servicing – technically, you could go without servicing your vehicle without any legal obligations to do so. So, why should you service your car?

Although there is no legal obligation, servicing offers huge benefits for your vehicle, and also reduces the negative effects of not servicing your car. Learn more about why you should service your car from our complete guide.

Benefits of regular car servicing

  • Safety – one of the main benefits of regular car servicing is enhancing and maintaining the safety of your vehicle. Whether it’s an interim service or a full service, servicing helps identify or pre-empt problems before they become serious – meaning you’re less at risk of issues occurring in the future. Learn more about what is included in a service, and how servicing your vehicle regularly ensures important safety-related aspects are checked and addressed. 
  • Vehicle value – maintaining the vehicle value is likely one of the biggest benefits of servicing your car. If you’re looking to resell your vehicle in the future, you want to ensure it’s in good shape for your next potential buyer. Not only this, but regular car servicing will also improve the longevity of your vehicle. It’s likely your vehicle will have a few issues here and there over its lifetime – yet, by servicing regularly, you can treat the problems early on and increase the lifespan of the vehicle.
  • Saves you money – likely to be at the top of anyone’s benefits, servicing can save you money. From identifying problems early to enhancing your fuel efficiency, learn more about how servicing your car can save you money now.

Effects of not servicing your car

Essentially, the negative effects of not having your car regularly serviced would be the opposite of the above – which includes:

  • Increased cost to your outgoings – this could be due to the fact, by leaving your car un-serviced, minor issues can become serious issues which would mean you’d likely need to fork out a lot more to fix them later down the line.
  • Compromise on safety – safety should be the biggest concern when considering the maintenance of your vehicle. You want to be able to feel safe, in control and secure that your vehicle can take you from A to B safely and without fault. Skipping regular servicing compromises this element, and can potentially put you at risk of a breakdown.
  • Reducing the resale value – if minor issues turn into major issues, these may have an impact on the longevity of the vehicle – and could then, in turn, reduce the resale value should you want to sell your car in the future.

When to do maintenance on your car

Quick maintenance such as checking tyre tread depth, ensuring tyre pressure is correct and cleaning your vehicle should be done monthly, or before long journeys. However, when it comes to servicing your car, with Formula One Autocentres, you can either have an interim service or a full service. Not sure what service your car needs? Find more from our handy guide and our servicing advice section.

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We simply WON’T be beaten on price!

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