Fully Synthetic Oil vs Semi Synthetic Oil

Wednesday 27th February 2019

Fully Synthetic Oil vs Semi Synthetic Oil

Oil is a vital part of your vehicle’s heath – it manages engine heat, reduces friction and also protects it against damaging toxins. As part of your regular car service, your vehicle’s oil will be changed. But which oil is best for your vehicle, and why? Find out the difference between using semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil for your car today.

Fully or Semi Synthetic Oil?

Who wouldn’t want consistent, superior performance for their vehicles? Synthetic oils are specifically manufactured in order to achieve that. But what makes them more beneficial than mineral oils?

Synthetic oils protect your vehicle’s engine across a wide set of temperatures, up to the engine’s maximum temperature, but also beyond that, too. Mineral oils have impurities and degrade fast, whereas synthetic oils are thinner, and they also help with your fuel consumption.

What is fully synthetic oil?

Fully synthetic oil is purely synthetic – made with no mineral oils. But why do you need fully synthetic oil for your car? The oils are designed to offer high levels of performance and durability for your vehicle. They are also now more recently a requirement for most modern vehicles.

What is semi synthetic oil?

Firstly, semi synthetic oil is the cheaper alternate to fully synthetic oil. This is due to the fact that the oil is a mixture of both synthetic and mineral oil. There are some vehicles that require semi synthetic oil to be used – however, fully synthetic oil could be used instead as it could benefit the protection and performance of the car.

What car oil do I need?

Unsure if your car needs fully or semi synthetic oil? Checking in your vehicle handbook should inform you of the oil requirements for your vehicle. If you’re still not sure, talk to one of our trained experts who can advise you which oil is right for your car.

Now you know the difference between semi synthetic or fully synthetic oil, why not add on an oil upgrade to your service when you book your car service online? An oil upgrade can increase the life of your engine, improve fuel consumption and also ensures helps your engine to run efficiently. Whatever your requirements, trust Formula One Autocentres for all your engine and vehicle maintenance needs.

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