How can drivers help the environment?

Thursday 15th October 2020

Why driving is bad for the environment

The impact that vehicles have on the environment can be quite damaging, but what is it that causes this adverse effect? Vehicle exhausts release hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides which, together, react with sunlight to increase the ground-level ozone. They also release carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide – which both threaten human health,  and contribute to global warning when released in significant amounts.

That’s why it’s so important to include green driving tips where possible–to reduce the impact of your car on the environment.

Eco-friendly driving tips

How you drive

Generally, driving steadier and smarter – such as avoiding hard accelerating and braking - will massively help the environment, as it’ll improve your fuel efficiency and emit less greenhouses gases.

One of the best eco-driving techniques to improve green driving is eco-friendly gear change. Changing the gears smoothly between each other as opposed to fast and rushed can help your fuel consumption, as will shifting the gears between 2nd gear and 4th gear when possible.

Another eco–driving technique is sticking to the speed limit – since you’re likely to use far more fuel at higher speeds..

What you drive

Of course, what you drive will also have a large impact on your affect on the environment. Diesel vehicles are renowned for releasing a much larger percentage of emissions into the environment, which is why the MOT emissions test has been created. This involves a strict assessment on your vehicle to ensure the level of emissions being released from your vehicle falls in line with that of the EU Roadworthiness Package. Learn more about how to reduce diesel emissions for your MOT test.

How often your vehicle is serviced

Ensuring your vehicle is regularly serviced is another great way to protect the environment. This helps the vehicle drive much smoother and more efficiently – as, when neglected, the fuel consumption can be largely increased. Ensure your vehicle is serviced by booking in at your nearest Formula One Autocentre now.

Green driving tips

As well as the above, some of our favourite green driving tips include:

  • Tyres – tyres are often one of the largest reasons fuel consumption will increase. If your tyres are not inflated correctly, this will reduce your fuel efficiency as well as emitting more pollutants into the air. Learn what your tyre pressure should be to ensure your driving is as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Oil - the type of oil that you choose for your vehicle largely affects the performance and efficiency. To learn what oil you should use, your vehicle handbook will provide this information – however, to learn more, read our guide on which engine oil you need for your car.
  • Heavy load – having a boot full of luggage can directly impact your fuel consumption, as having a heavier load creates a ‘drag’ effect, as the engine needs to work harder. Removing unnecessary items from your boot or vehicle is a way to improve your driving impact on the environment.
  • Air conditioning – when you use your air conditioning, your vehicle’s engine must work harder – which means it consumes more fuel. Learn more about air conditioning tips to reduce your fuel consumption from our guide.
  • Driving alternatives – of course, one of the best ways drivers can help the environment is to choose alternative transport. This could include walking or biking to your destination,  or taking public transport such as the bus or train.
  • Car share – car sharing, or carpooling, is a great way to become a greener driver. If you and your friends, or colleagues, are driving to the same place, reduce CO2 emissions by sharing lifts  and reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

Now you know more about how drivers can help the environment from our green driving tips and techniques, ensure your vehicle is properly maintained. Book in for your car service now to not only improve your overall fuel consumption, but save you money in the long run, too.

For more eco driving tips and green driving advice, get in touch with our experts now.

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