How to tell if your clutch is slipping

Monday 5th June 2023

How to tell if your clutch is slipping

If your vehicle is making some unusual noises or your clutch feels sticky – it could mean that your clutch is on its way out. But what are the signs of your clutch slipping? Find out more about clutch slipping symptoms in our helpful guide.

What does a clutch do?

The clutch separates the engine from the wheels. This allows you to change gear and to stop your vehicle while the engine is still running. Without it, you’d be unable to drive properly – making it an integral part of your vehicle. The clutch is made up of three parts:

  • Clutch plate
  • Pressure plate
  • Flywheel

How long does a clutch last?

Generally, a clutch is designed to last between 50,000 miles to 100,000 miles, though some factors can impact the lifespan of your clutch:

  • Mileage – if your car has done a lot of miles, your clutch will most likely have more signs of wear and usage.
  • Style of driving – If you are prone to fast gear changes or harsh acceleration, the longevity of your clutch will be affected.
  • Maintenance – If you don’t maintain your car and have regular servicing, particularly if you drive more often or drive more miles, then your clutch can be impacted.

Clutch slipping symptoms

So, how do you know if your clutch is going? If you are experiencing any of these issues, it could mean that your clutch is going out:

  • Squeaking or unusual grumbling noise when pressure is applied
  • Difficulty changing gears
  • The clutch pedal feels sticky, is vibrating or appearing to feel spongey or loose
  • Poor acceleration but still having the ability to rev your engine
  • Momentary loss of acceleration caused by a feeling of a ‘slipping’ clutch

 What should I do if my clutch is slipping?

The first thing you should do if you notice your clutch slipping is to stop driving and get your clutch checked. A slipping clutch or a clutch going out is not only dangerous to you, but other motorists on the road. We recommend you pull over wherever is safest to do so and have your vehicle checked over by a professional. Simply locate your nearest Formula One Autocentre where our trained experts can help.

You don’t have to be in an emergency to get your clutch checked, If you are unsure about your clutch, why not book in for a free car clutch check? Or, if you are looking for more advice, simply  contact our experts and  get in touch today.

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