What happens when an EV battery needs replacing?

Friday 15th March 2024

The battery is an essential component in any electric vehicle. Like any petrol or diesel tank, your EV battery rarely needs replacing, but what happens if you need to? Formula One Autocentres explores what happens if you need to replace your EV’s battery. 

Are EV batteries replaceable? 

Yes, you can replace an EV battery. You might not need to replace the battery in your EV for several years until it starts to degrade or lose charge over time.  

When should I replace the battery in my EV? 

Ideally, your battery should be inspected by a qualified EV specialist. They can analyse the battery’s performance and condition to determine whether it needs replacing. Some warning signs that can signal when to replace your EV battery might include: 

  • Warning lights on the dashboard. 
  • Issues with the electrics, such as the lights dimming or a loss of electrical power to the heaters for example. 

What is the lifespan of an EV battery? 

Typically, the average EV battery lifespan is around 8 to 10 years, while other EV batteries can last up to 20 years.  

Can you recycle the battery in your EV? 

Yes, EV batteries can be recycled. Most EVs on the road have batteries made with lithium-ion and are easily recyclable, provided they are recycled by a professional. Lithium-ion EV batteries contain toxins, which can be harmful if not handled correctly.  

How much does it cost to replace an EV battery? 

Replacing an EV battery in your car can cost as much as £15,000. You’ll likely have to make a claim on your insurance for a battery replacement. Your car insurance will cover damage caused by an accident but not wear and tear caused to the EV’s battery. If your EV has been involved in an accident in which the battery pack has been damaged, no matter how minor the incident is, the insurer could write off your vehicle. 

Knowing when to replace your battery depends on how often you charge and drive your EV. Learn more about how long electric vehicle batteries last in our helpful guide. Does your hybrid car require a service? Book your next hybrid service at your local Formula One Autocentres branch today. 

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