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What does low oil pressure mean

Friday 26th January 2024

Your dashboard warning lights are a key indicator that there could be something wrong with your car that requires attention. And, your low oil pressure light is no different. In this guide, we’ll explain what you should do when your low oil pressure light comes on and what can cause it.   What caus... Read More

Do electric cars need an MOT

Friday 26th January 2024

Switching to an electric vehicle can feel like you’re driving a completely different beast compared to a traditional petrol or diesel car. So, you might wonder if all the same rules apply to your new car. In this guide, we’ll explain if EVs need an MOT and what’s different for EV motorists. Do elec... Read More

How to stop my car door locks from freezing

Friday 26th January 2024

With the long and cold winter months comes a drop in temperature, snow, frost and ice. Whilst driving in these weather conditions can be difficult, other problems involving your vehicle can come up - such as frozen locks. But why does this happen and how can you stop it? Find out all you need to kn... Read More

What engine oil do I need for my car?

Wednesday 3rd January 2024

Has your engine oil warning light appeared on your dashboard? Or are you looking to give your car a bit of maintenance before a long journey? If you’re unsure what engine oil your car needs, find out all you need to know in our guide. Why is engine oil so important?  Engine oil is crucial when ens... Read More

Signs of a dead car battery

Wednesday 20th December 2023

What causes a dead car battery?  Experiencing a flat car battery can be frustrating. Flat batteries can occur due to a number of reasons, such as a drop in temperature, driving short distances or because your car has been sitting on the drive for too long without being driven. However, it’s importa... Read More

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We WON’T be beaten on price GUARANTEED!
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  • Tom was really helpful and explained things so I understood the issues properly. He was very helpful throughout.

    - Boston - Jan 17, 2024
  • Excellent friendly, honest and knowledgeable. This is the only garage you can trust. The prices are amazing too saved about £100 easy and got my tyres fitted as they should be. Perfect!!!

    - JASON, King's Lynn - Mar 1, 2024
  • Been using your company for years. I'm a driving instructor so need to get car sorted in a timely manner and this is what the Hertford branch does. Thanks.

    - Dean, Hertford - Jan 14, 2024
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