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Why check your tyre pressure?

As a result of rubber's natural permeability, your tyres could be losing air pressure at a rate of up to two pounds each month (often more in warmer weather conditions).

For this reason, Formula One Autocentres recommend that you check your tyres as regularly as possible - ideally every couple of weeks.

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Correctly inflated tyres - the benefits:

1. Safety - Having the correct tyre pressure enhances the safety of your vehicle, improving not only its ability to hold the road, but also its braking efficiency. Under-inflated tyres are prone to overheat, whilst over-inflation can seriously affect the road handling of your vehicle.

2. Economy - Correct tyre pressure helps prolong the life of your tyres, which saves you money. Under-inflated tyres also have increased rolling resistance, raising the amount of fuel required to maintain a steady speed.

3. Environment - Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is helpful to the environment too. By reducing fuel consumption, you'll also be reducing your vehicle's CO2 emissions - and doing your bit to save our planet.

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