Tyre Safety

Top tips to keep your tyres safe

When your tyres are not in pristine condition, your motoring can become unsafe – it is vital that you keep on top of your tyre health to make sure they are roadworthy. Additionally, tyres can be expensive to replace, so prioritising tyre safety will benefit you in the long run. We have compiled essential tips to maximise your tyre life and road safety.

Check your pressures

Every car has a recommended tyre pressure which takes into account the car’s weight and size. A car’s tyre pressure information can be found in the drivers manual or on the inside of the driver’s door. Alternatively, you can simply enter your vehicle details into our tyre pressure calculator. You should always check you have the correct tyre pressures before driving, when the tyre is cold -even a short journey will warm up tyres and raise the pressure. When you are checking your tyres, we recommend checking the pressure in the spare tyre to ensure it's ready in an emergency.

It is important to regularly check your tyre pressure as both under and over inflated tyres can lead to a shorter tyre lifespan:

  • Under-inflation can cause tyre damage, uneven wear, and an increase in fuel consumption.
  • Over inflated tyres give a less comfortable ride and wear out in the centre of the tread.

Check your tyre tread

Tyre tread is at the centre of tyre safety. Tread helps your car grip to the road when braking, so worn tyres reduce this grip, increasing your braking distance and putting you and other road users at risk.

In the UK, minimum legal requirement for tyre depth is 1.6mm. If this legal limit is not met, the law states that you could receive a £2,500 fine and/or 3 penalty points on your license. The easiest way to check your tyre tread is using a 20p coin. If the tread does not reach the end of the border, it is not within the legal minimum and you need to have your illegal tyre changed.

  • If you notice that you are changing your tyres regularly due the abnormal or uneven tyre wear, this could be symptomatic of a mechanical defect on the vehicle. In these circumstances the mechanical parts (steering, wheel alignment, brakes) should be checked immediately.

Check tyre damage

A crucial part of tyre safety is checking your car for damage. You should regularly check your tyres, looking for any cuts, cracks and bulges in the rubber. Any evidence of damage from impact or kerbing may be illegal and can be very dangerous.

If you notice any damage and are worried about tyre safety, the first step is to phone or call in to your local Formula One Autocentre and our fully trained tyre specialists will be happy to carry out a comprehensive inspection – completely free of charge. Often tyre damage can be fixed easily but the longer you leave it the worse it becomes so keeping an eye on your tyres is vital.

Check tyre alignment

If you’ve noticed your car pulling slightly left or right, it may be that your tyre alignment is out of place. Visit one of our local centre to have these checked.

Incorrectly aligned tyres could lead to quicker fuel consumption and general wear. We recommend having your tyres checked at least once a year, and this should be included in your MOT.

Suspect a puncture?

Damage caused by driving over a pothole, kerbing or small, sharp foreign objects, all contribute to a slow puncture. Slow punctures can be hard to spot but the main signs are:

  • Changes to the way your vehicle handles
  • Continual loss of tyre pressure

Vibrating steering wheel If you notice any of these problems, you need to have your tyre safety checked immediately and let our tyre specialists assess it for you.

Formula One Autocentres’ offer a puncture repair service, available to buy online for only £21.00 per tyre, which includes valve and standard balance. Before repairing any tyre, we will carry out certain mandatory checks to ensure that your tyre is suitable to be safely repaired.

Are you concerned about your tyre safety? We offer a free tyre check services at one of our local garages situated across the country or give us a call and a member of our team today to book your appointment. If you need a new tyre fitted you can book this after your appointment!


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