Wheel Balancing

What is wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing, or tyre balancing, is the process which provides a more accurate balance to your wheels. Unbalanced wheels will affect the comfort of your ride, and they can also lead to premature wear of many vehicle components.

Unbalanced wheels may not be noticed by the driver because modern suspension systems are very efficient at dampening out vibration. This is why any vibration felt by the driver could be an indication that one or more of the wheels need balancing.

Formula One Autocentres offers a precision wheel balancing service to ensure your wheels are balanced to match your vehicle’s specification. This tyre balancing procedure provides a more accurate balance that ultimately produces a smoother ride and a more economical tyre performance. To find out more about this service, take a look at our tyre balancing video.

Interested in our wheel balancing services? You can add a precision wheel balance upgrade to your tyres order in the basket.

What’s the difference between wheel balancing and wheel alignment?

Wheel balancing is not the same as wheel alignment – both are very different services and benefit your tyres and car in different ways. Wheel misalignment will affect the handling and safety of your vehicle and also lead to uneven tyre wear. Learn more about wheel alignment now from our service page.


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  • I was concerned that the correct amount of refrigerant had not been put into my cars aircon system as it has rear aircon and takes 850 but the receipt said 500 was put in. I emailed to query this but was told that it says 500 as standard on the printouts regardless of what was put in. I was somewhat satisfied with this explanation but I will cautiously await to see how it performs longer term. I would still use formula one.

    - Kev, Rotherham - Jun 25, 2024
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