Tips on how to improve your tyre life

Thursday 20th July 2023

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How to improve tyre life 

Nobody wants to be told that their tyres are in need of replacing. And often, it comes at the most financially inconvenient time. So, what can we do to prevent such surprises? Find out our top ways to improve your tyre life and extend the replacement process today. 

Tips on how to improve tyre life 

Car tyres require regular maintenance to avoid them needing to be replaced earlier than expected. Here are some measures you can take to try and extend the lifespan of your tyres: 

Choosing the right tyres - this is one of the most important factors to consider when you want to extend the life of your future tyres. Tyres that are optimised to reduce rolling distance and improve fuel economy are more likely to last longer but can be more expensive. Need help choosing the right tyres for your car? Formula One Autocentres can help. 

Checking tyre pressure - ensuring your tyres are set to the correct pressure is important to extending tyre life. Underinflated tyres will cause a dip in the centre of your tyre – this then leads to the outer edges wearing more rapidly. Learn more on how to check your tyre pressure now. 

Wheel alignment - making sure your wheels are aligned correctly is vital in extending tyre life. Signs to look out for if you suspect issues with your wheel alignment include pulling or dragging to one side, steering wheel vibration and unusual noises. Find out more about wheel alignment today. 

Safe driving avoiding potholes or bumping your car against the kerb can keep your tyres in better shape. Careful driving should help this, but just keep in mind what type of surface or terrain you’re driving on and if you can avoid it to benefit your tyre life.  

Weight of the car - do you have any unnecessary baggage in your boot weighing your car down? The heavier the car, the more impact this will have on your tyres. If you have any unnecessary items in your vehicle, it may be worth removing them. This also helps to reduce fuel consumption, so you can even save yourself a bit of money, too! 

How long should tyres last? 

With every tyre comes a different expected tyre life – on average, this ranges between 3 – 5 years. It is suggested that each front tyre should be able to last for around 20,000 miles and double this for your rear tyres. We recommend checking your tyres for signs of wearing when deciding whether your tyres need replacing. 

Looking to get new tyres for your vehicle? Here at Formula One Autocentres, we offer a wide variety of car tyres from a range of trusted manufacturers. Find yours online with us today or at your local branch, or for more information, contact our specialist team today. 

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