Wheel Alignment Information

Common reasons for poor alignment:

Camber angle
A common problem that causes misalignment is the Camber Angle. The camber is the angle of lean in or out of the road wheel from the true vertical.

  • Positive camber is when the wheel leans out from the true vertical
      - This can cause the vehicle to understeer resulting in loss of grip whilst cornering
  • Negative camber is when the wheel leans in from the true vertical
      - This can cause the vehicle to oversteer resulting in greater grip on cornering

Incorrect camber can cause the following:

  • Smooth wear on the edges of tyres
  • Excessive wheel bearing wear
  • Pulling to one side
  • Poor handling

Caster angle
Another common cause of poor alignment is the Caster Angle. The caster is the forward or rearward tilt of the steering axis, in reference to the vertical when viewed from the vehicle side. This angle can be described as the line that the wheel will always follow and is most effective in controlling straight line stability at road speeds (vehicle motion).

  • Positive caster is where the steering axis is sloped towards the rear
  • Negative caster (not common) is where the steering axis is sloped towards the fron

Thrust angle / axis
This is measured on the rear axle. Incorrect thrust angle can cause the following:

  • Misaligned steering wheel
  • Excessive rear tyre wear
  • Poor handling of vehicle
  • Understeer / oversteer
  • Vehicle crabbing

Toe (front and rear)
Incorrect toe can cause the following:

  • Feathering across the tread
    Toe in - Excessive feathering on the outside edge
    Toe out - Excessive feathering on the inside edge
  • Misaligned steering wheel
  • Poor handling
  • Increased fuel consumption

Possible causes of incorrect toe:

  • Incorrect adjustment
  • Incorrect vehicle specifications
  • Incorrect ride height
  • Bent steering components
  • Calibration of equipment

Formula One Autocentres offer a state of the art, specialist wheel alignment service in all centres. The Supertracker alignment system displays a comprehensive, diagnostic analysis of your existing wheel alignment, and produces a printed report so you can clearly see any misalignment that may need correcting.

So, if you are experiencing any of the above problems or have any other concerns with your wheel alignment just phone or call in to your nearest Formula One Autocentre and our fully trained wheel alignment specialists will be happy to carry out a comprehensive check – completely free of charge*.

*Charges will be made for any adjustments required.

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We WON’T be beaten on price GUARANTEED!
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