Why does my car keep stalling?

Monday 19th February 2024

Stalling is a common error you may have experienced many times on the road. However, if your car frequently stalls, it could indicate a major issue or fault with your vehicle. Formula One Autocentres explains the most common reasons why your car may regularly stall. 

What is stalling? 

In driving terms, stalling is when the engine stops working and is often unrelated to clutch control. For example, if you don’t bring the clutch up properly or go into neutral, the engine will stall. Having a blocked fuel filter, fuel injectors or air filter may also cause your car to stall and not start. 

What are the most common reasons why your car stalls? 

Having your car frequently stall can be dangerous and frustrating. Some of the most common reasons for your car stalling may include: 

  • A flat battery. 
  • A faulty alternator. 
  • Worn, faulty, or damaged spark plugs. 
  • Clutch or gearbox issues. 
  • An error with the electronic control unit (ECU). 

Could stalling signal an issue with your car? 

Over time, if your car regularly stalls, it could lead to an underlying issue with your vehicle. Keeping on top of your repairs and maintenance is essential to ensuring your car continues to run smoothly. It’ll ensure that you avoid putting yourself and others at risk, while also mitigating any further damage to your car’s engine. 

What to do if your car stalls 

Has your car stalled while driving? You must keep calm to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users. 

  1. Put your hazard lights on, so everyone is aware of what’s going on around you.  
  1. If your car is gradually coming to a stop, try to reach a safe place, away from oncoming traffic, such as a quiet side road, hard shoulder, or a layby.  
  1. Once your car is stationary, try to start your vehicle again.  
  1. If your car doesn’t start, you should immediately call roadside assistance (i.e. the AA or RAC). 

How can I stop my car from stalling? 

Has your car frequently stalled in the past few weeks and not sure why? We recommend booking your vehicle in for a basic car maintenance service. Our mechanics will check your car to locate, identify and fix the cause of why your car is stalling. 

Is your car constantly stalling? Your engine might be flooded. Find out what to do if your car engine is flooded in our guide. Need a new battery or clutch? Does your car require a service? Visit your nearest Formula One Autocentres branch today and our friendly team will resolve your car stalling issues for you. 

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