Will hybrid cars be banned?

Thursday 27th January 2022

It’s the final countdown! From 2030, all petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the UK – with hybrid cars facing the same fate in 2035. This means that there will be no sales of brand-new hybrid or fuel-powered cars in the UK – although, you still be able to buy them second-hand.

Why are hybrid cars getting banned?

The UK government aim to become net zero by the year 2050 and although hybrid cars are seen as a good stepping-stone between fuel-powered cars and electric vehicles, research has begun to show that hybrid cars may not as be as environmentally friendly as once thought. Many hybrid cars are built with small batteries, and can only operate for small distances whilst running on electricity.  

Most models also rely on regenerative braking in order to charge the battery, meaning these cars still heavily rely on fuel power and therefore still have quite a significant carbon-footprint.

Will I still be able to drive my fuel-powered car?

In short yes, you will – however, you just won’t see them in car show rooms anymore, as no new fuel-powered cars will be produced but can be sold second hand.

Is it worth still getting a hybrid car?

If you make a decision to purchase a hybrid car now, you will still be able to drive it in 2030 – and there will still be a second-hard market to sell it on. However, your car will begin to lose value faster than before.

Another thing to consider is maintenance costs - fuel-powered cars may become more expensive to run as electric cars become the mainstream, as many car parts become harder to find. Taxes and charges for owning a fuel-using car will also be higher in comparison to the taxes you would pay on an electric car.

Find out more on whether you should buy a hybrid car from our detailed guide. You could also check out the types of servicing we provide here, at Formula One Autocentres. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our helpful team.

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